Reflections maintains a state-of-the-art network infrastructure at its development center. High-speed data communication links provide connectivity to clients worldwide. While being fully secure & well equipped, this round-the-clock Technology Center ensures each and every software engineer/consultant, up and running workstation connected to servers and printers. We maintain robust network infrastructure utilizing equipment from industry leading vendors.

Internet Connectivity

Reflections has a 16Mbps Dedicated Line for Internet. As we have ISP point of presence in our premises, we can upgrade this to higher plans within short notice.

We also have plan to add another fractional T1 (512 kbps) shared Internet connection with Data Access.This connection serves as a backup mechanism to support redundancy and ensure high-availability of our communication links.

Network Equipment

We have designed our overall network solution for flexible expansion to support new types of connectivity, new applications, and new standards. We use industry-standard cables, switches, firewalls, routers and servers in well-designed configurations. Reflections development center has a 40 active node internal LAN. The structured cabling system is highly flexible and divisible into discrete modular subsystems.


Reflections has a customized Linux firewall, which acts as a VPN gateway, supporting either site-to-site and remote access VPN applications with DES (Data Encryption Standard).The gateway includes network-base intrusion detection system. A redundant standby unit, provided for high availability, maintains concurrent connections through automatic state full synchronization.

Bandwidth Manager

Reflections has a HTB Bandwidth Manager, which manages the bandwidth as per policies specified. The QOS built in the box helps Packet Shaping. The BandwidthD Software is used for Monitoring and configuring the same.

Contingency and Disaster Recovery

The physical infrastructure at all our development facilities has been planned in such a manner that practically nothing has been left to chance. All foreseeable contingencies have been taken into consideration and consequently have been planned for. Power supply at the development center has inbuilt redundancies so that work is not at all affected due to disruption of power.

Communications Infrastructure

24 x 7 Voice over IP calling facility is available for cost effective calling to our clients globally for long discussions on projects. From the front desk to the managing director most of our office team members are available on instant messengers making our team more accessible to our clients.

Accessibility and Security

Depending upon the criticality of the area and the services within, different types of physical and access restrictions have been imposed within the development centers so that our clients can be absolutely certain that their data, systems and processes and other confidential information, including IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) do not get circulated, inadvertently or on purpose.

We have deployed electronic card based access control systems.