Information Security Services (ISS)

Traceability, Investigation & Forensic

  • Tracking, recording (time stamp) and reporting
  • Authenticity, reliability and verification
  • Transaction tracing and document water-marking
  • Correlation analysis
  • Fact finding and proofs

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Gap analysis system & application configuration
  • Password hacking: multi-tier password verification rules
  • Firewall and perimeter access verification
  • Intrusion detection and prevention verification
  • Un-authorized access verifications
  • Data access and Information protection control verification
  • Correlation and reporting

Firewall & IPS/IDS

  • Architecture
  • Install, configure and operate
  • Security policy management and security policy
  • Enforcement
  • Monitor, alert, correlate, analyze, report and resolve
  • Identified infrastructure security threats

Backup, Restore & Archive

  • Data loss prevention and protection
  • On-site and off-site backup, restore and archive
  • Local and virtual tape libraries
  • Scheduled backup/restore options
  • On-demand backup/restore options

Disaster Recovery

  • DR – Architecture and solution design
  • Structured methodology and planning to support Disaster Recovery
  • Defined recovery options based on SLAs
  • DR- Processes and procedures (scenario based)
  • Coordinate tasks and operationalize
  • Conduct mock disaster
  • Facility audits

Business Continuity Planning

  • Real-time & transparent fail-over for Critical applications
  • Zero-time service interruption
  • Proactive capacity planning and adjustments
  • Contingency planning
  • Risk assessments and mitigation plans
  • Real-time Data replication and restore
  • Redundancy and service availability