Virtualization Services

Server Consolidation

Virtualization makes your IT resources more flexible and the use of your hardware more efficient. Components of your IT system need no longer be rigidly locked together, but become resources that are available instantly when required. Change becomes easier to manage and as a result, your business can be more responsive to the demands placed on it.

Today’s servers use only about 10% of their existing capacity. Imagine if you could harness this capability. Server virtualization offers the capability to run multiple independent virtual operating systems on a single physical computer. This means you can do more with what you already have. And, with server virtualization, you not only capitalize on your current investment, but you benefit in the following ways:

Use the capacity you already have and you won’t have to add servers to meet new requirements. In fact, you will be able to reduce the total number of servers you are supporting.

Business Continuity

Reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity by encapsulating entire systems files that can be replicated and restored onto any target server. Disaster recovery becomes not only affordable – but also achievable.

Test and Development

Rapidly establish test environments, store libraries of pre-configured machines, and test new applications without investing in redundant hardware.

Legacy Application Re-hosting

Preserve your investment in legacy applications by migrating legacy operating systems and software applications to virtual machines running on newer hardware. You will get better reliability and longevity from software that has outlived its hardware but not its usability.

Reduce Overall Complexity

Achieve a simplified, easier to maintain server environment and reduce the assets needed to manage it.
To experience these benefits, you need skilled resources. With us you get support from pioneers in converting clients from physical to virtual environments. Our broad base of government and commercial clients are reaping the rewards of our approach – an approach that is tailored to each customer’s needs and is supported by the right tools to do the job. We bring to the table experience in leading solutions from top tier software, server, storage and supporting products.
And, most importantly, we provide you with a roadmap strategy to virtualization deployment, the technical resources to implement it, and the operations resources to sustain and maintain it.