Microsoft Technology Consulting and Development Services

Reflections Microsoft team has expertise in managing multi-year multi-technology engagements and mission-critical applications at customer locations – onshore, near-shore and offshore to help our small to large customers worldwide in designing, developing and integrating business solutions based on the Microsoft .NET platform from. We provide software development and application testing services for building and deploying Windows platform based applications, Web-based applications, Web services and integration, Workflow applications, E-commerce frameworks and Mixed-mode applications.

We are specialists

Reflections maintain a team of carefully recruited highly skilled and experienced professionals who are really passionate in the job they do. These specialists are further molded with our proven in-house training program. With a team of specialist around, ideas will be better understood and translated into realities. This also ensure the quality of service from reflections. We also have our presence in the market since 1999. So ‘Reflections is a team of specialists you can rely on for long term quality IT companion for your business’

“Passionate” with Microsoft .NET

At reflections we are passionate with Microsoft .NET technology, continues effort put into re- search the evolving technology and its best usage to highly scalable and performing enterprise environment.

Reflections MVC Stack

The unique and proven MVC stack which is efficiently running behind many of our enterprise customer applications is carefully built with performance, scalability, security, rapid development and maintainability in mind.

The unique stack has carefully separated the EF5 data access layer by using the concept of database factory implemented so that one instance of Context is exposed per HTTP request. DTO/ POCO work hand in hand with auto mapper maps the business entities to EF.

Based on architecture and user experience demands the Web UI layer is completely separated with REST Style Web API though a Json Ajax call. This will give a rich user experience and future driven.

The MVC is delicately used with dependency injection – Unity framework, Partial views, Paged List and MVC Built-in Ajax is customized and kept as framework for rapid application development and unique rich customer experience.

Single Page web Apps

Reflections has distinct advantage of building extremely rich user experience web apps with one page using the Knockout.js framework. The UI experience works seamlessly with REST model Web API’s and Json. The templating feature is leveraged thoughtfully for future reuse and kept in store as Reflections IP.

Responsive UI and Twitter Bootstrap

Reflections is well experienced in creating Responsive UI based on various browser platforms and devices. This is well tied with MVC and HTML5 to give a standardized UI experience for customers.

Microsoft Azure

Reflections Windows Azure team is predominantly focused in helping customers to leverage the advantages of Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform. The team so far worked with migrating key customers to Azure Cloud and it helped its customers realize the benefits of cloud computing.

The Key focus of Reflections is on Application Development & Migration Services for Windows Azure Platform. It helps customers to plan the hardware infrastructure budget and on a need basis they can scale down and scale up based on business peak demands with optimum use. Our teams deliver comprehensive, intelligent solutions for application design, development, and it has delivered successful cloud and high performance computing solutions to leading businesses in industries including: financial services, retail, healthcare, media and entertainment.

Services offered on Azure
  • Cloud Architecture Definition – Defining how the application will be provisioned on Azure platform and how it will interact with functionality & aspects residing within the enterprise
  • Develop/Migrate and Roll out – Execution and roll out of the Azure application
  • Cloud Migration – Reflections experts will perform a comprehensive assessment and migrate your existing solution to the Windows Azure cloud.
  • Application Design – Our application and user experience design teams will create a detailed plan for your Azure application.
  • Prototyping and POC – Reflections experienced architects, developers, and designers will deliver a proof of a cloud-based application and deploy it to the Windows Azure cloud for early experience for customers for adaption
  • Custom Solution Development- We can help you to build and deploy a complete solution to the cloud, tailored specifically to your requirements.