At Reflections we focus on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development. We capitalise on our rich experience in providing offshore software development and project management capabilities. The quality standards, delivery process and Global outsourcing strategy ensure we develop solutions that are cost effective, timely and competitive.

Resourcing Models

Dedicated Development Center

A Dedicated development center is a software engineering center model designed for clients looking for cost effective offshore resource solutions and while having a need to have full control over the software development team. Under this model, Reflections will reserve infrastructure and resources exclusively for the client’s team for a predetermined time frame. The client will have complete access, control and transparency over the team and can utilize the team to suffice to their needs.

If you want to setup a product development team in India as part of your business expansion or need an extra hand on rare, costly or popular technologies for your in-house development projects, Reflections can help you to cut your operation cost with our ‘dedicated development center’ service. You can pick and choose highly skilled developers from our talented pool of professionals and build your own team with desired experience and expertise. This team will work exclusively for you to meet your requirements.

Key Advantages of off shore temporary and dedicated staffing
  • Add technical edge to the business concepts, allowing you to focus on key business
  • Significant cost savings over in-house development
  • No need to invest in office infrastructure
  • Strong and experienced management team to manage the software professionals
  • Minimization of risk, no need for full-time staff or contractors
  • Avoid bonuses, holiday pays, visa expenses and other pays you normally have to promise
  • Complete Intellectual property protection
  • Secure development environment with firewall
  • Complete freedom to involve and control the team
  • Skilled developers that ensure professional service
  • Flexible monthly contracts to yearly contracts are also available

Fixed Cost Projects

Reflections offers fixed cost project model where the requirements are estimated during the beginning of the project and a fixed charge is derived based on hourly rates. Once the project is approved by the client, activities are tracked from the initial stages of the project. Any changes to the requirements will be tracked through a formal change management process.

Dedicated Resourcing

Reflections offers dedicated resourcing model to help clients to interview and recruit from the existing talent pool. These resources work as an extended team to the onsite customer team for handling specific tasks assigned by this onsite team. In this model, task allocation and management is of the resource is completely the clients responsibility and on demand Reflections can provide project management service.