Single web and mobile platform

Seamlessly manage all of your digital channels in one easy-to-use system.

Cloud or on-premise deployments

Or a combination of both – we’ll find a solution that works for your business.

Patented compression

Store huge amounts of data at a 1:20 compression rate, contributing to a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Sophisticated security and privacy

We take data management seriously, with user-based data and functional accessibility, LDAP/AD integration and full encryption as standard.

Open data

Share digital insights and session records throughout the business with Glassbox’s open API.

No more event creation

One JavaScript entry allows you to see everything that happens on your site, without ever having to create events or configure anything.

Auto indexing

Every tap, swipe and click is automatically indexed, and becomes immediately searchable.

Free-text reporting

Just like using a search engine, our free-text entry allows you to ask specific questions, and receive detailed reports.


Your session recordings are tamper-proof, source-proof, time stamped, fully encrypted and stored on your side, and ours.

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Glassbox works wherever you work

We specialize in revealing online behaviors, and that’s not limited to any one industry. So while Glassbox’s advanced security and compliance standards are perfectly suited to highly regulated sectors, our solution can also provide transparency and clarity to sectors ranging from travel to retail.

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