Our Data Strategy services provide consulting to draw a roadmap of your data maturity journey, and also include Data Asset Discovery, Data Modeling and Analysis, and Data Life Cycle Management. Our Data Engineering services are designed to ingest data from varied sources such as IoT sensors, various devices, systems, Social media and so on, and prepare the data for consumption by Data Scientists and applications alike. We apply Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning to generate insights to further enable the business, automate decisioning and provide you opportunities to monetize your data, all the while ensuring quality, security and regulatory compliance of data.


We developed a customer experience management platform for a major client in Australia to collect customer information from various dealers and send surveys to the customers based on the type of service acquired. This helped the dealers continuously improve their performance based on data based insights, and helped the manufacturer keep in touch with customer experience thereby being able to take actions to ensure repeat business from the customers.

For a major entertainment brand in the Middle East, there was a need for a reliable feedback platform that could accurately determine potential problems as per visitor feedback. The existing manual system to consolidate the problems was time consuming and not very effective. The platform by Reflections helped in faster consolidation and more effective resolution of problems.



We have applied data science to solving problems on the earth as well as from the space. We adapt our services to the data maturity and the business needs of our clients. We shorten your journey to unlocking the strength of your data through our agile approach thereby you start getting benefits from a few weeks into the journey rather than take a long road to maturity. Our commercial models are designed to align to the business outcomes we help you realize.