It is not always easy for patients to find the best-fit healthcare facilities in terms of hospitals/doctors, affordability, quality etc. The available information from online sources were not always reliable or the best match for the patient. Also, there is a lack of reliable data about treatment options available in nearby states or countries and the costs involved.
The identified need was to create a AI based solution that provides patients the best matching physicians and hospitals in the world, the solution needed to remove the manual intervention and human bias and errors in making this match.


We developed a solution that enables:
Patients to access the portal in search of treatment and related best hospitals, search and view details of packages available, view details of hospitals, doctors etc. included in the package, customize package
Caregivers to manage incoming requests, confirm patient check-in and map, update patient details and medical records, add lab results, prescription etc.

Onshore and offshore facilitators to manage new patients, coordinate the patient queries and feedbacks, quotation management with hospitals, manage patient check in and entire journey.


The first global digital exchange for patients, hospitals, translators, insurance providers, logistics, pharmacies and other care delivery organizations offers the following benefits:
Patients or care seekers can now search the relevant and best rated hospitals or doctors available across the world. They can coordinate with facilitators for appointments, video conferencing with doctor and plan the treatment. There is also a repository to hold all medical reports, upload and download health records at any point with privacy maintained.

Patients can book and schedule air tickets and accommodation, arrange translator support for duration of treatment abroad. They can pay bills, for all services and charges through the journey and maintain a record of payments
Patients will have access to all their records, medicine schedules, reports. The platform also allows online video conferencing with doctor for post treatment support. In addition to a better experience for patients, the platform makes possible more referrals, more repeat business for healthcare providers, higher revenue and profitability.


AI/ML techniques like Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification, kNN, Feature Extraction, Neural Network models, Decision Tree, Probability Models, etc.


  • Nginx
  • Amazon EC2
  • Ubuntu
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service
  • Kafka
  • Cent OS
  • Hadoop
  • AWS CodeStar


  • HTML 5
  • ES6
  • Angular JS
  • Material Design for Angular


  • PHP
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Php Unit
  • MongoBD
  • Laravel

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