Today we are responsible for the health of the application portfolio of many of our clients. We sign up for the portfolio’s health, and commit ourselves to improving the health day by day through response automation, problem management, re-platforming, re-architecting and so on. For Application Development, we bring our product mindset to play thus guaranteeing continuous delivery, thus adding value with every sprint.


For one of our long term clients in the healthcare domain, we started as testing partners several years ago in order to learn the systems quickly through testing, then going on to take responsibility of development and maintenance. The legacy stack as well as the complex nature of in-built algorithms were preventing business from responding to market needs quickly. Over the years, we partnered with the client to modernize their systems and converting their products to SaaS model, and now implementing complex process automation through AI/ML taking them several notches up.


Why Reflections for Application Services

Our Application Services team help customers differentiate and transform their businesses with offerings that guarantee great user experiences, new clients and increased revenue. We also partner with your development teams to implement complex custom applications that accelerate time to market and reduce time to revenue for you and your customers.